List of Foods For Diabetics to Eat – Cure For Diabetes

Best cure for diabetes is hidden in list of foods for diabetics to eat. It is true that natural cures for diabetes are effective as well as safer.

Diabetic Foods To Avoid

  • It is strongly recommended that diabetics should stay away from foods like glucose, sweets, jam, syrups, molasses, pastries, ice-cream, condensed milk, chocolate, fried food, cream and soft drinks.
  • There are many fats like ghee, butter and any hydrogenated oils.
  • White sugar and white flour must be avoided.
  • The consumption of junk foods, pastries and cookies, processed foods and canned foods must be avoided.
  • The diabetics must stay away from smoking and fried food items.
  • Smoking eats away the oxygen of body as a result comparatively less oxygen is left for the routine metabolic process of the body.

Foods to Be Limited

  • The salt intake must be reduced to minimum. Enough amount of salt can be obtained from vegetables as well as fruit as they have natural salt content that is enough for the human body.
  • Animal protein consumption like that of red meat must also be limited.
  • The poultry and egg consumption must be reduced.
  • The diabetics must not consume more than 2 cups of tea or coffee. The better substitutes of tea and coffee are water, green teas and other herbal teas. Water that has been soaked in pods of kidney beans is excellent for the patients of diabetics.
  • Diabetics must not consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.
  • The diabetics can only consume honey, dates, white sugar and palm sugar in moderate amount. The consumption of eggs, pasta, nuts and unsweetened juices are also limited. The better substitutes are brown rice, white grain and soya products.
  • Peanut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil are better than hydrogenated fats. Low fat skimmed milk, low fat cottage cheese should only be consumed in moderate amount.

List Of Foods For Diabetics To Eat

  • The diabetics should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water in one day
  • Nuts, fish, dairy products and whole grain are good for the patient of diabetics. Raw vegetables are good for the patients of diabetics. Cooked food increases the level of blood sugar. Unpeeeled and raw foods are best for diabetics as cooking destructs most vitamins and enzymes of vegetables.
  • The diabetics must consume 5 portions of fruits in one day. Better fruit choices are bananas, fig, pomegranate, blackberry, kiwi fruits, grapefruits and blackberry are good for diabetes patients. Likewise better vegetable choices are carrot, turnip, tomato, cucumber, radish and cage.


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